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Of the Angelical Salutation (St. Peter Canisius)

Which is commonly called the Angelical salutation?

That which was pronounced unto the most holy Virgin, the mother of God in these words: Hail MARY full of grace, our Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, IESVS. Holy MARIE mother of God, pray for us sinners now and in the hour of our death. AMEN.

Whereupon came this manner of saluting the mother of God?

First of the words and examples of the Gospel, whereas the great Archangel GABRIEL and ELISABETH the holy mother of the forerunner of our Lord, both inspired by the holy Ghost, do so teach and instruct us.

Then we have form of salutation confirmed and ratified, by the continual custom and consent of the Church, which the holy ancient Fathers and men of old time have religiously observed, even to this day, and would have also of us to be observed.

What does it profit us to use this manner of salutation?

By these excellent words, we are first of all admonished of that exceeding great benefit, that the eternal Father would begin in Christ, by MARIE the mother of God, and mercifully bestow upon mankind by redeeming it.

This is also a singular commendation of the most holy and wonderful Virgin, which God has determined to be the finder of grace and mother of life unto us all.

Wherefore no marvel, if after those Godly petitions, which we offered unto God in our Lord's prayer; being here mindful of the grace that we received by Christ, we do not only praise the mother of Christ but also God the Father in the same Virgin mother of God, and rejoicing together with the Angels, with great reverence, and often salute her.

What is the sense of this salutation?

In the first words thereof, we do justly rejoice with, and in rejoicing praise and renown her, that was to us the second and that a most happy EVE. For, that woe of malediction that the first EVE brought into the world, this other by her wholesome fruit has taken away, and has exchanged the very curse of the children of ADAM with a perpetual blessing.

Most worthy no doubt to be called full of grace, as who being full of God, full of virtues. alone (for I will use S. AMBROSE his words) obtained that grace which no other had ever deserved before, that she might be replenished with the author of grace. And what place could there be in her soul or body for any vice, when she was made the temple of the holy of all hollies?

There is added besides: Our Lord is with thee. because both the power of the Father did singularly overshadow her: and the holy Ghost came plentifully upon her: and the word being made flesh, from her did proceed in most wonderful wise, as a bridegroom from his chamber.

Then it follows, Blessed art thou among women. Because she was together a spouse by Virginity and a mother by fruitfulness. And therefore with great right all generations do, and shall always call her blessed. A woman all fair and immaculate: a Virgin before her delivery: at her delivery, and after her delivery: always uncorrupted: free from all spot of sin: exalted above all heavens: who no less by giving life was profitable, than unhappy EVE by killing was hurtful unto all mankind.

And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, IESVS. as he that springing up like a flower from MARIE the root, has both showed himself after a sort of fruit of the earth: and does in such manner yield the fruit of life and salutation to his members, as a Vine does juice and life unto the branches. O blessed womb indeed that bear and brought forth a Savior to the world: O blessed paps without doubt, that being filled from heaven, suckled the Son of God.

Finally the Church has added in the end; Holy MARIE mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and in the hour of our death. For we following the steps of the holy Fathers, do not only salute that wonderful Virgin, worthy of all commendation, which is as a Lillie amongst thorns but do also believe and profess that she is endowed with so great power and ability from God, that she is able to profit, favor, and pleasure miserable mortal men, sepecially when they do commend themselves, and their desires unto her, and do humbly sue for the grace of God, by the Mother's intercession.

Testimonies of the Fathers touching the Virgin MARY.

IRENAEVS: As EVE was seduced to swerve from Almighty God: so MARY was persuaded to obey God; so that MARY a Virgin was made the advocate of EVE a Virgin: and as mankind was made subject to death by a Virgin: a Virgin's disobedience, being counter appeased by a Virgin's obedience.

Saint CHRYSOSTOM: It is very meet and just, to glorify thee the mother of our God, ever most blessed, and altogether undefiled, more honorable than the Cherubim and more glorious incomparably, than the Seraphim, which without all corruption has brought forth God. we do magnify thee, the very mother of God. Hail Mary full of grace, our Lord is with thee, blessed are thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of they womb; because thou has brought forth the Savior of our souls.

S. AMBROSE: Let he Virginity and Life of blessed MARY be set forth unto us as it were in an image; from whom, as from a glass, there shines out bright the beauty of chastity and fairness of virtue. What is more noble than the mother of God? What is more bright, than she whom brightness did choose? What is more chaste, than she that brought forth a body without contagion of the body? Such a one was MARY, that her only life might be a document to all men.

Saint ATHANASIVS: Forasmuch as he is a king that was born of the Virgin, and the same also Lord and God: for that cause, she that bear him is truly and properly judged to be a Queen, and a Lady, and the mother of God. This new EVE is called the mother of life, and she remains replenished with the first fruits of immortal life above all living creatures. We do call her therefore again and again, and evermore, and every way most blessed. To thee we cry, be mindful of us, O most holy Virgin, which even after thy delivery remains a Virgin. Hail MARY full of grace, our Lord is with thee: The holy orders of all Angels, and men do call thee blessed. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb: make intercession for us O Mistress, and Lady, and Queen, and mother of God.


O ter beata Mater, O lux Virginum,
Quae templa caeli lucidissima incolis,
Mortalitatis liberata fordibus,
Ornata iam immortalitatis es stola:
Meis benignam ab alto aurem exhibe verbis,
Measque, Virgo, suscipe, obsecro, preces.

O mother thrice happy, and light of Virgins pure,
Inhabiting the Temples bright of heavenly globe,
Thou now from mortal filth, exempted and secure
Of immortality art decked with the robe.
Yield courteous audience from high to what I say,
And entertain my suits, O Virgin, I thee pray.

S. AVGVSTINE, holy MARY succor the miserable, help the faint-hearted, cherish the sorrowful, pray for the people, be a mean for the clergy, and make intercession for the devout woman kind. Let all feel thy help, whosoever do celebrate thy Commemoration.

FVLGENTIVS: MARY was made the window of heaven; because by her, God gave the true light unto the world. MARY was made the ladder of heaven; because by her God descended down to earth, that by her also men may ascend unto heaven. MARY was made the restorer of women, because by her they are known to be exempted from the ruin of the first curse.

S. BERNARD: The kingly virgin is the very way by the which our Savior came unto us, proceeding out of her womb, as a Bridegroom out of his chamber. By thee let us have access to thy Son O blessed inventrix of grace, bringer forth of life, an mother of salvation, that by thee he receive us, who by thee was given unto us.

The Summe of Christian Doctrine by St. Peter Canisius [Not available for view online]

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